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Why is it so hard to think of things to write? Why do you need to come up with so much content? How can I make sure that it is not boring? How do you even write something that will get people booking? Why did your training not cover social media skills?

Social media is such a massive part of your business. It is the place where people can find you, watch what you have to say. To see if you offer what they need to make them feel better. It’s a fantastic resource to help your business grow but it takes time to get the hang of.


You need to be posting enough to make sure you’re getting seen (that means several posts a day on Facebook).


You need to be posting a variety of content so people are engaged with your posts and want to see more.


Your posts should connect with potential new clients and show them that you offer the treatments that they are looking for, giving them the results that they need. But not forcing your training and qualifications on them. 

Writing content for your social media takes time and effort and its ok to admit that you struggle with it.


And it’s why I started offering ‘done for you social media’.

It is something that I do regularly, I have lots of ready created content that you can use. Things can be tailored to your individual requirements. To suit your salon and your treatments or services. Whether you are a nail tech, make up artist or hair stylist.  


How does it work?


You can choose to buy 10, 30 or even 100 posts. Once you’ve decided we arrange a time to chat for 15 minutes so we can work out who you’re trying to bring to your diary, what treatments they are looking for, and how you can help. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about this (or have no idea) having a chat will get things clearer. Giving me an idea of how to help you best.

I will pop off to write your posts and email them to you, then you can schedule them to your page. You can use your new posts to mix in amongst your current content or fill up your schedule completely. You might just want a few to use when you are busy or on holiday for example. 

I like taking the stress out of creating your content, giving you social media that works to fill your diary. Allowing you time to do what you enjoy most, what you’re good at which is helping clients. They are yours to keep and use as you want. Plus I am sure that they will give you ideas and inspiration to write your own in the future.

If it’s something that you will help then click on the number of posts you require.

Done for you social media posts + 15min call

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