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Why should I use Video on my Salon Social Media? What are the benefits of Videos in my Marketing?

Updated: Apr 12

Video are really important for all salons, make up artists, hair stylists etc to be using on your social media. They are the most consumed and shared type of content on social platforms, and when you have algorithms to contend with it is essential to use the content that they like the best. They will show your videos to more people than a photo post for example.

They Grab Attention

Video is a fantastic tool to grab your audiences attention, as they are easy to consume. They will help to stop the mindless scroll that we all do sometimes. Success lies in your ability to create easy to digest videos, that are concise and catch the viewers interest quickly. You need to be clear of the intention of the video right from the beginning.

Creating Connections

Videos are important to create a connection with your current clients, and potential new clients. Showing off your team, and where you work, your salon and treatment rooms. Helps you to build know like and trust among the people that follow you. You can give potential new clients a feel of your vibe, and what to expect on their first visit. This will make things less daunting, helps them to decide if you are a good fit or not. For example a bright, bold, load funky place, may not suit a more mature client. Where as a comfy, cosy place that only offers natural nails and non surgical face lifts is unlikely to suit the a 20-25 year old. There are of course exceptions, but hopefully you get the idea.

Selling Products and Services

You can use them to sell products and create more awareness of the things that you sell.

Product demos are great to help sell more. Often clients do not have a clue how to use something, or may have just forgotten. So videos on how to use their new GHDs to straighten their hair, or where and when to apply their new Brightening cream, serve as a great reminder. For those new to you business they are great to show how professional you are, and of course how knowledgeable you are too. Do not assume that everyone knows these things. They may be obvious to you but you have the knowledge already.

Videos are great to help you get found in online searches

All your content should be optimised for search engines and your videos should be no different. Social media channels are quickly becoming like search engines themselves, so it’s important that you make your content relevant. After all, you’ve already got your gripping content. But how do you determine whether you’ll be at the top of the “popular” and “trending” list? Be sure to create compelling headlines and descriptions for your video so it will register in searches.

Videos should have a Goal

No matter which social medium you are posting through, you should always have a goal for your video. This will involve an action, whether you’re sending people to your website, getting them to purchase a product, joining your mailing list or sharing your video. Your call to action is your virtual handshake with your viewers. If they’ve watched a video all the way through, they have demonstrated interest. You then need to direct them to take the desired action, something as simple as “to find out more visit here” may be all that is necessary.

Videos Boost Engagement

As already mentioned the social platforms love videos especially live videos therefore it is important to monitor your video’s progression to find out what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. Their progress should aid future video marketing endeavour. Most social media channels have analytic features built in. Whilst views and shares are a good indicator of your videos popularity, be sure to pay close attention to any clicks and that your desired action is delivering.

Re-purpose your Video Content

Just remember when you create video for your social media or go LIVE on your pages, save a copy somewhere safe. There are lots of places that you can reuse your videos. I will share more details in another blog. But they can be used on your website, in emails, blogs and on other social media.

If you need some inspiration for your Live videos, or any videos for that matter you need to grab this freebie! 25 Facebook Live ideas.

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