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What photos should I use on my Salon Social Media? A bit of inspiration for your beauty salon.

Updated: Apr 12

Photos for social media.

Coming up with a constant stream of content for your salon social media, can be really difficult. This article covers a range of ideas for things to photograph. With the type of content you can create for all of your different social media platforms. On your Social Media as we have talked many times you need to mix up the content.

You need to keep it fun and interesting, and not post too much of the same stuff. Photos can really help with building engagement.

Photographs are great as they stand out in the news feeds. But do you get caught thinking ‘I am not sure what to take a photo of today’, I am here to help.

1 Your Salon

Photos of your salon, treatment rooms, reception etc.

You are proud of your salon... Show it off, show potential clients where they are coming to. What they will experience. Your might have a sleek sophisticated salon, or luxurious and cosy waiting area. Different things will appeal to different people. Quirky bright salons will appeal to different people than something white and clinical.

2 Photos of you and your salon team.

For very similar reasons you need to share photos of you and your team. They do not always need to be face on camera type photos either. They can be 'action' type photos of you carry out treatments. It is also good to have photos that show you outside of the work environment. Potential clients like to feel like they are getting to know you, the real you. They want like you before they book for treatments. Some of the beauty treatments that you offer can be quite personal, we as clients want to be able to make a connection.

3 Your Work and results.

Before and after photos work well for hair, nails and beauty. Try to come up with creative ways to show off your work, you don't want people to scroll past the same old before and after photos.

Work in progress also go down well. For some reason I am loving bright coloured hair transformations, and want to see the full process from start to finish. Showing the work, skill and time involved in the creation process helps to show you are an expert in your field.

4 Products.

Photos of your retail area, and individual products. You can often get photos from product manufacturers. These are great to get you started, however taking your own will have much greater impact. Photos of how to use them as well as the results you can achieve are great inspiration for clients. Helping people to choose the products they need.

5 Funny photos and photos just because ....

If you have a staff outing, or birthday etc take some impromptu photos. These help to show a fun human side to your business. Behind the scenes photos are great, we are naturally nosy. These types of photos help us to get to know you better.

Hope these suggestions have helped you a bit. Remember you can add your logo or branding to help clients recognise that they have come from you. You don’t have to continually come up with new things but you can re-use them again. Not everyone sees everything you post. Also when you have lots of transformations don’t share them all in one go, spread them throughout the week. Save some for days when no one wants a photo taken.

Also ask your clients to pop onto your social media to like the photos you have taken. You can use it like a catalogue for your work. For example set up an album for all of your summer nail designs, pink hairstyles etc.

Happy photo taking.

Love Claire x

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