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What is a blog? Do I need one for my Beauty Salon?

Updated: Apr 12

What is a Blog?

It is either a section on your website or a specific website, where you can regularly share information.

The types of things that you share will depend a bit on your business but they will generally be interesting and informative. Helpful pieces of information for your clients and potential clients. Hints and tips usually work really well for blogs for the Hair and Beauty Industry. See a few examples below.

Things that work well for Beauty Salons and Hair stylist are :

10 Tips to Flawless Skin

5 Ways to make your Hair colour last longer

Top 3 nail colours this winter


They are a great way to show how much knowledge you have. To give people more information about what you do. They help to build Know, Like and Trust for your business.

Blogs when used correctly help to keep your website visible in search engines. By showing them the website is still in use, and by including keywords for thing that people are searching for. Think about the type of things people ask you on a day to day basis. These are the things that you can include in your blogs.

They can also be a great source of content to use on your Social Media and also in your newsletters. Find out More about Newsletters HERE.

You could also try using reviews and testimonials in your blog. These often work quite well too, again they help to keep your site up to date and for building know, like and trust.

If you have any questions about Blogging just shout up.

Claire x

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