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5 Top SEO Tips for Nail Technicians and Nail Salons

Updated: Apr 12

5 Top SEO Tips for Nail Technicians and Nail Salons

As a Nail technician you will know that most of your clients will be local to your business location, your salon, home or maybe your mobile catchment area. Maybe up to a 15 mile radius from your business not much more. For this reason it is important to get your website, and Facebook pages, and other social media to come at the top of searches in search engines especially Google.

If you dont have a website yet have a read of this blog first

Here are 5 Top SEO tips for getting your website to come higher up in Google searches.

1 Make sure you set your business up as a location on Google Maps. This is fairly easy to do, after setting a Google account. Just make sure that all of your details are correct, and the same as those on your website and Facebook pages etc. Google will also send you a verification code to your address, this all helps Google to establish that you are a genuine business. Gives you authority, recognition and credibility.

2 Fill out your Google business location details out completely, adding images and videos etc. To show people what to expect. Include your opening hours, phone number and treatments offered.

3 Make sure that you have separate pages on your website for separate treatments. This makes searching for them so much easier. For example as a Nail Tech you might need a page for Traditional Polish including manicures and pedicures, a gel nails page and an acrylic nails page too. Making sure that the web address includes the treatment name.

4 Make sure that you have your business address on all of your website pages. This is easily done by adding it to the 'footer' section at the bottom of each page.

5 Add the Google location/map plugin to your website. You can have this on your home page but it will work equally well on your Contact us page.

All of these things will help Google especially, but other search engines too. They can see that you have a genuine location, and that your information is the same everywhere. It is good to keep a check on things like this. Remember if you change your telephone number or opening hours they need to be changed everywhere. Also it can take up to 6 weeks for Google to find your changes so dont expect things to change straight away. There are ways to speed this up a bit, but that is something for another blog I think.

Hope that helps.

Claire x

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