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Summertime fun.....

Make the most of the summertime feel good vibes and get higher value bookings.

There is a real feel good vibe around when the weather is bright and sunny, or when people are thinking about holidays. We are more inclined to spend more money to enhance this feeling and to help us to get the most out of our holidays. It is a great time to drive your bookings and get a higher average spend.

I see so many salons offering a Holiday Body package 'Book for waxing, nails and lashes and save £20' or 'Book gel fingers and toes together and save £10' WHY? Please do not discount these packages at this time of the year. I have some suggestions below that I have tried and know they work better and prove more profitable.

So first of all lets think about how we can maximise the spend at this time of the year. I really do not advise going down the discounting route unless it is really necessary. This time of year you should be thinking about what treatments sell and how to package them with extra value, definitely do not do offers on pedicures they are for many essential at this time. Create must have packages, things like Gel Fingers and Toes with a free or perhaps half price cooling foot gel and hand cream. Give the package a quirky name, create a great graphic to share on social media showing the package price and the added value. These type of packages get you the same hourly rate income, with the added bonus of retail sales if you choose products that your clients will love and have great results then hopefully they will keep coming back for more.

Another good package for this time of year could be a body care package. So why not have a package of 2 Body Scrub treatments, with a relaxing body butter massage? This can be sold as a holiday prep package, for getting the skin into great condition before you go away. Removing dry skin to reveal a healthy glow already for the sunshine. Then follow up with a second treatment when they get back, to rehydrate and refresh the skin. You could then offer a Free or reduced price product package with maybe SPF, Body moisturiser or body exfoliator. Again this offers you the your normal hourly rate, with extra product sales but as an added bonus the client has to return for a follow up treatment. The more visits someone makes the more likely they are to become a regular.

I am often told that it is difficult to offer new things or packages in Hair salons. However I disagree, the example above can be twisted to create a similar package for a Hair client. Maybe offer a hair treatment that will moisturise and protect the hair from the sun before they go away with a follow up treatment when they return with an intensive moisturising hair mask when they return. The package could also include Colour protection products to use while they are away or travel size products to keep the hair moisturised.

At this time of the year I always found that I had lots of extra clients looking to book in for holiday nails. It was a treat, or for many something that due to work restrictions they could not normally have. Now don't get me wrong extra bookings are great, but it can be disappointing if they do not return. We should be wowing all of our clients, but for these you really want them to remember you. For them to want to book with you next time they have a break. Think about what you could do to make them remember you..... Things like setting up a reminder for yourself or your receptionist to send them a quick message hoping they enjoyed there holidays when they get back. You could offer them gel removal with a free aftercare kit or similar. It would be a good idea to set up a reminder to contact them again same time next year so that you can offer them an exclusive package or maybe priority bookings. (Just remember to make sure you have permission to contact them and are GDPR compliant).

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