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How do I get more people to engage with my content on Facebook? My salon social media is so quiet...

Updated: Apr 12

How do I get more people to engage with my content on Facebook? My salon social media is so quiet, nobody comments or asks me any questions...

I get asked this question every week, so I thought that I should give you a few top tips how to get things moving on your business Facebook pages.

1 Check your insights

Firstly have a look at what you have been posting over the last month on your Facebook page. Go to your insights and have a look at what has worked and what has not worked. Can you see any content that your followers really got involved with. This will help to give you pointers for the future.

2 Try something completely different

I find that for clients that that have been really struggling stepping away from business content can be really beneficial. You need to be ‘social’ on social media, so showing a bit of you in your business is good along with some fun stuff to. Take a scroll through your own news feed, what stands out? what stops you from scrolling? Use this to inspire some new content.

3 Planning and themes.

When working with my VIP clients we often set up themed days to make content creation and scheduling easier. Fun Friday or silly Sundays can be a great way to post regular fun engaging posts for your followers to see and get involved in. Also consider the timing of your post as well, make sure that people will actually be on social media and can join in with you. Fun Fridays seem to work well in evenings.

4 Ask questions to increase engagement.

To to get the most from these type of posts ask fun and easy to answer questions, that people will happily answer. Things like Do you drink Tea or coffee? Are you an Apple or Android type of person? If you could choose one super power what would it be? These are easy to answer if you need help to encourage people to get involved ask a friend to comment for you first, this can help to get the ball rolling. Facebook really like to see conversation and interaction even more than ever. So when people comment on your posts or answer your questions make sure you reply. This will help your post to get seen by more people, doing this within the first hour will hugely benefit your page. It is also worth considering the content you post after a great engaging post as this will often feel an added boost from the previous post. So something with a call to action like join my mailing list here is a good follow on.

If you change nothing then nothing in your business will change.

You may be unsure about giving these things a go. Maybe you think they are not professional enough, perhaps they are too silly for your business. But I urge you to try, they might not work straight away either, stick with it you will find out what works well for your crowd.

Hope that you have found this useful? If you need more inspiration for new content to post on any of your social media channels this article about using photos will be great for you.

Claire x

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