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Creating beautiful images for your Beauty Business.

Social media is great for promoting your business. However to make sure your posts and content stand out in the busy social arena you need to try to make them different and eye catching.

How on you brand your images too is important as well. There are lots of apps you can use on your phone, and websites that you can use on your desktop. My favourite app on my phone is WordSwag this is not free (only small charge) but I think it is easy to use with lots of options for text and images.

On on the desk top I tend to use Canva again it is really easy to use with ready made templates. There are lots images and fonts to choose from and you can set it up to remember your brand colours and logos.

If you want to create a particular look for your brand, or you have a particular type of promotion coming up then you might be looking for something else. My favourite resource for great background images and papers is Creative Market all you have to do is type a theme into the search box and see what there is available. There are endless options to choose from at very reasonable prices. Just click on one of the links below and see just some of the beautiful background selections you could choose from.

Luxury texture pack.

Light and Bright Water Colours.

The Glamour Textures Kit.

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