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Can Facebook still work for my Beauty Salon? Is Facebook for businesses dead?

Updated: Apr 12

Is Facebook dead? Can Facebook still work for my Beauty Salon?

Can Facebook still work for my Beauty Salon? Is Facebook for businesses dead?

There are lots of people saying that Facebook for business is dead. That it will not work unless you pay lots of money. This is not true. You can definitely still use Facebook for your business, it is a really great tool as part over your overall business marketing and promotion.

I have used Facebook for my own Beauty Salon for around 6 years and along with my website it is great for bringing in new clients, and for keeping in contact with my existing clients too. You don't have to pay for adverts either if you don't want to.

Keep existing clients informed.

Share lots of inspiration, photos of your work and transformations. Nails and hair photos usually go down really well.

Promote new and existing treatments, by posting them on your timeline. Share the benefits that your clients will get from booking.

Share last minute availability and cancellations.

New/Potential Clients

Share more about you and your business so that anyone new can find out more at a glance.

Showing off reviews and testimonials, helps to build know, like and trust. for new/potential clients.

Great to show of your treatment menu, again the benefits they can get.

Source of traffic

Facebook can be used to drive traffic to anywhere that you want. You might be trying to get bookings, so your content can be easily linked to your bookings app.

If you want more people to read your blogs and learn more about Skin care for example, you can link to them in your posts.

You can link to your treatments pages so that you can inform potential clients of all the details for any of your treatments.

You can even build a mailing list.

Fun for All

Remember Social media is all about being social. It should be a place that people can have fun, a place that they can learn more about treatments. It should be a friendly place where people can chat about there skin, hair and nail concerns etc.

When done correctly all of the above can be achieved without spending a penny, but can be enhanced by adding a bit of money to an advertising post. This can be monitored very easily.

If you need a bit of inspiration for things to post on your social media take some photos. This article gives you lots of suggestions of the photos you should be sharing on your social media.

Claire x

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