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5 Things you can do NOW to get more bookings for my beauty salon

Updated: Apr 12

5 Things you can do now to get more bookings

It is a common problem, we could all do with more bookings and clients couldn't we? If your diary is looking a bit gappy for the week ahead

🌼 Post on social media some last minute availability. Don’t sound desperate, maybe just pick 2 or 3 spaces you would really like to fill and tell people about them. Tell them what you can fit in those spaces. Make sure your post says who you are, where you are and how to book. Create a great image or slideshow that will stand out in the news feed. Ask your regulars if they would mind sharing, most people want to help so you should get a few shares.

🌼 Follow up with clients from last month that did not rebook, ask them if they enjoyed the service. Suggest that you just didn't want them to miss out on their chosen time for their next appointment. Check through your email enquiries and messages and follow up with anyone who enquired but did not book anything in. Don't be be pushy, just be friendly and chatty. "Hi there just wondering if you had anymore questions about xxx treatment?" or "The anti aging facial you enquired about can give you xxxx benefits, and it is so relaxing too. I have a space xxxx if you wanted to get booked in?"

It is likely that they just got busy and the reminder encourages a booking.

🌼 Send a newsletter. This does not have to be all salesy. Maybe a few tips relevant to the season or the weather. Skincare tips, or hair care tips, mention a few products that you sell. Introduce a treatment tell your followers about all the benefits. Remind them to follow you on social media. Find out more about mailing lists.

🌼 Make sure your team are rebooking clients before they leave. Simple but check they are actually asking for the bookings. Once a client leaves the salon you are relying on them to actually book. Most of the time people will attend an appointment if it is booked.

🌼 Make sure it is obvious to people finding you for the first time what you do, where you are based and how to book. You might think it’s obvious, but check and make sure. For social media a pinned introduction post usually works well. Make sure you have a description on your header with these details too.

Go on now check these things, get your diary looking better for the week ahead.

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