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I like to think that I am a generous person. So check out some of the free stuff that I have on offer for you at the moment. 

You can choose one or all the choice is yours....

25 Facebook Live Ideas FREE!

Ok so I know they can be a bit scary, but Facebook loves lives.
They are the perfect way to connect with people. This freebie is full of things you can do now. It is the perfect time to practice, videos. If you don't want to go live you can use the ideas and pre-record them if you prefer.

5 FREE Social Media Content Suggestions

If you are a Beauty or Holistic Business looking to improve your online presence then this might help you to get started. 

I am currently offering a 5 FREE Social Media Content suggestions with some copy and paste post ideas. These can be used across all of your social media platforms to promote your business online. Perfect for Beauty, Nail and Hair businesses.

Just click on the link below to get your copy now!

5 Free Social Media Content Ideas

Pricing for Profit EBook

How do I decide what to charge for my treatments? I get asked this so often.... Or I shall just charge the same as my local salon.  I thought that it was time to help everyone out. 

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, this EBook is just for you. It is always good to back to the beginning and check your prices. Do you know how much it costs to do a set of Acrylic Nails? How much product do you use in your facials? I are you actually covering the cost of staff wages for every massage that you offer?


Pricing for profit freebie

Get Your Beauty Biz Found Online in 4 Easy Steps

If you are struggling to get your Beauty Salon found online this is what you need to get you started and give your business a boost. 

4 Steps that will give you the foundations to getting your business found online. 

4 Easy Steps to getting found online

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