Beautiful Business Boosting for Google

  • Do you want more New Clients?

  • Do you want be the first place that potential clients see when they search on google?

  • Do You want to get ahead of your competitors?

  • Do you want to get your business to appear further up the search rankings on Google and other search engines?

  • Would you like to get into the 3 Pack on Google?

  • Do you have a website but not really have a clue how to get it seen more by interested local clients? 

Beautiful Business Boosting package for Google is just what you need....

I know exactly how you are feeling about boosting your business presence online. I have been just where you are now. Having worked in the Beauty Industry I know how important getting local clients is to your business. I also know that working with websites, social media, email marketing etc can be very time consuming, and if you are not very techie it can be very boring too. 

That's where I come in. I have industry knowledge so know lots about your ideal clients, the treatments that they have etc. Whether its gel polish, shellac, micro-blading, skin peels, balayage etc I am also interested in the treatments not like Joe Blogs Marketing agency who know nothing of your industry and are not interested in having a beauty treatment or getting their hair coloured. I still see a few clients of my own each week, which I love. This helps me stay up to date, I read trade magazines and visit shows and events all over the UK. 


I have spent a long time studying and trialing what works with Google. I have lists of industry specific keywords and phrases that work. I know how to set up and maintain Google + and Google My Business. I am continually keeping a check for changes which happen frequently. 


Being at the top of Google will benefit your business in lots of ways: 

  • Being at the top of Google searches WILL get you more enquiries and therefore more bookings.

  • More bookings mean more cash.

  • You can highlight all of your different treatments to show how you differ to your competition   


No more staying up late at night trying to work out why you cannot be seen in Google searches ....

This Package will include:

  • Initial Consultation Call 

  • Analysis of your current position online and where you sit with your local competitors. A report will be compiled along with targets to achieve.

  • Set up of Google+ and Google My Business, including verification, adding treatments etc. 

  • Working on website to make any required changes including Title, Heading text etc. Making sure all relevant keywords are included. Content is in the correct place on pages, and is easily accessible to visitors. That the site is user friendly a also working correctly on mobile devices. 

  • Geo Tagging and NAP content will be added where necessary.

  • Pages and site maps are submitted to Google.

  • Your business data already online will be checked and updated where possible, new citations and link backs will be created.

  • This type of work will take time to come into effect, so most of the work will take place in the first 2 weeks. With follow on work with checks and tweaks over the following 4 weeks.

  • You will get a regular progress report showing how things are going. 

This Package is available for £499.

Get your Business looking Beautiful on Google

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