About me

Hello I am Claire and I am here to give you a helping hand. To help you get your beauty business online, or improve your current online marketing. I am here to make things easier for you. 


When I was 13 my parents started their own business a retail aquatics shop, in which I helped at the weekends. After studying Business and Finance at college, I started a career in Retail progressing from the bottom to store manager. Retail business has always surrounded me, I was always destined to have my own business someday. Circumstances allowed me to leave my Retail Management role, thankfully to retrain in the less stressful environment as a beauty therapist.



l have been in the beauty industry for about 10 years, and I love it. I specialised in Gel Nails, but offered a variety of other treatments too. I have learnt a lot about the industry and continue to keep myself up to date on new treatments etc that become available. I still have a few long term loyal clients that get their nails done, although due health reasons I have restricted my appointments.

How did I get into Marketing Online?

When I started out in my Beauty business, there was very little support. Online marketing and websites were quite new, and could be expensive. I found that I had to do things for myself. I have always found online marketing, websites and social media fascinating. I find myself constantly tinkering with my website, and social media content. I have completed various training courses in digital marketing, and I follow all the top online Marketing influencers. There are new things to learn and test every week. Online marketing is so important for all businesses to build relationships with potential and existing clients. Online marketing is ever changing and I enjoy keeping up with the latest ways to get more business online. There are so many ways to connect with potential clients now. It is a great asset to any Beauty business, Hair salon, Nail Tech or Holistic Therapist. 

So why choose me to help your business?

Well I have been in your industry for nearly 10 years so have a wealth of industry specific knowledge, and I know how online marketing well can improve your business dramatically. Through things that I have already tried and tested.  I also know that you are probably working late nights in the salon and the last thing you want to do is get home and start doing your social media, or creating before and after images to show off your work. I am here to take some of the strain from you and enable you to concentrate on your clients during the day and your family life in the evening.

I work remotely like a virtual assistant, so you do not have to be local. We can chat via the phone, skype or email whichever is easiest for you. If you would like to see how I can help you have a browse through my website or fill in the form on my contact page.

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